Personal Branding: Your Google Cv, Web Presence And Reputation Management

By | March 26, 2017

Personal Branding: Your Google CV, Web Presence and Reputation Management
Improving one’s web presence through online branding is easy enough these days. But sometimes your Google CV doesn’t reflect your true potential or maybe it is populated with results for someone with a similar name.
Bad associated publicity can hamper your online success, but with a decent amount of effort, your self marketing efforts can build your Google CV into masterpiece.
Personal Branding Tips
A good start to improving your Google CV is to try and penetrate the sites which are already listing results for your name. If possible, create accounts at these sites with information about you and your products or services. And make sure that all these sites are interlinked.
Make sure your own website is well optimised for search engines and always be sure to include your brand names and other valuable key phrases in your web content. A great way to increase online visibility is to own your domain and variations, or at least as many domains as you can which include your name, and redirect them to your site or blog.
Social Networking
Create a profile for yourself or your brand at all the major social networking destinations such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. These types of services can be used to gather information about your market, release information about you or your brand, and increase your visibility and transparency while making valuable contacts.
Submit your news to social book marking sites when you’ve published a new blog post or article. The most popular international social book marking sites include Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.
Online Reputation Monitoring
By setting up a few simple reputation management tools, you’ll automatically receive notification about any content online which includes your keywords. By knowing what the public are saying about you or your brand, you have a better understanding of your audience, and how to go about creating content to improve your Google CV and overall credibility.
Creating Content
Create a blog and always be sure to generate interesting content using the most relevant keywords. Blogs are free and a great way of creating formal content in an informal environment. Write articles and submit them to external sites (also keeping keywords in mind). Write them or have them written and then distribute to the many free article directories available online, linking back to your website or profile on your desired social networking site.
How far you’d like to take self marketing is up to you. There are many things you can do to increase your impact online and start owning your Google CV consider how you can create a relevant buzz. Create podcasts, viral videos or other interesting rich media and write a blog post to go submit with each one be sure to notify users on Twitter of your YouTube videos your YouTube viewers about your Twitter activity, and so on.
Honesty is the best policy – as your online visibility improves, so will your online credibility. By being more active online and engaging with users, you have potential to build relationships which are ultimately more important to both your credibility and web visibility than anything else.
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