Top 3 Reasons Why Office Workers Must Blog

By | May 7, 2016

“Why Blog?”

“What are the benefits of blogging to me as an office worker?”

You probably asked the same questions already when you heard suggestions from somebody trying to get you into blogging. I hear the same question every time. I do have a blog and I believe that blogging is a great way for me to build my personal brand.

Blogging has benefited me directly and indirectly. Some of the benefits are the swag and freebies I usually receive from publishers. The people around me would tell me how my writing skills have improved. And I owe that improvement to my regular blogging. These are only skin-deep benefits that you would get from blogging. If there is a single most important benefit that you would get from it is building your personal brand.

1. A Good Blog Complements Your Credentials

An A+ credential is no longer good enough to catch the attention of your prospective employers. They need to see you have a presence somewhere that they can leverage. Each employee now is considered a “marketer” and is expected to contribute to his company’s marketing goals. Have you noticed the growing number of companies having a fan page in Facebook? Employees are perceived to be the “face of the company”.

2. A Good Blog Creates More Opportunities

If you are into social networking, chances are you have a LinkedIn account. For those that have not heard about LinkedIn yet, this is a similar service like Facebook but it is geared toward showcasing your skills. LinkedIn is your online resume. Hiring managers look for profiles that match the criteria of what they are looking for. Listing your credentials are not enough anymore. A good blog can present you in a more desirable package.

3. A Good Blog Helps You Build Your Product

If you’ve been following trends in businesses, you can see that blog has become an important tool in their strategies. Businesses need a blog to communicate to their customers. That is almost a critical requirement now for businesses. Now you can take your blog not only as a tool but also a platform for entrepreneurship. Remember a personal brand can also help you build a good reputation which can help you succeed in an online business.

You might have noticed that I added the adjective “good” in front of the word “blog”. This is for a reason. A bad blog can basically do the exact opposite of the good benefits of blogging. A Bad Blog can easily pull you down and tarnish your reputation.